Business and Investment Forum ICONVIENNA 2018

Vienna: between 18th and 20th of Apri was held the 14th European Business & Investment Forum in the context of the Brand Global Summit ICONVIENNA 2018. The aim of the event was to introduce the newly developed ISO 20671 Standard on how brands should be measured in the European regions and to promote the idea on how brands contribute to the prosperity of regions.  Brands move future and brands must get stronger.

Austria was brought as an example of a highly successful business model where 6 out of 10 euros come from export (99 % SMEs). Various top companies presented their innovative products as brands under development.

We are living in times of profound changes in technology, society and business. This presents challenges but also opportunities. All great inventions initially were ideas on how to push boarders. Brands support innovation and Steinbeis supports the creation of brands.

With our recognized brand name: Steinbeis – we help other regional developments raise to brand names and achieve visibility.

SDZ can support you in the following activities:

Competitiveness requires innovation. Our professional consultants explain you how to become innovative. Moreover, our growing network of researchers provide the technical solutions for you. Project work is teamwork. One knows best the market, another one understands the processes and the third contributes with knowledge on technologies. Make use of proven experiences in bringing the right experts together. Details

Becoming competitive. Becoming international. Becoming successful.

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