Danube Chambers of Commerce foster Innovation

Danube Chambers of Commerce Association and Steinbeis Transfer Center EAST-WEST Joint Ventures develop concept for fostering innovation in Danube Region. 19 members from 7 countries are members of the Association. 2 more Chambers are partners of DCCA. Short-term objective of the collaboration with Steinbeis is to design effective projects to strengthen competitiveness of industry. Enterprises must become more innovative. The chamber want to provide professional support to them. In initiale phase the STC elaborates an action plan that will be discussed with DCCA members and then DCCA and STC prepare the implementation.

Collaboration of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Danube Region is a strategic meassure of Working Group “Collaboration of Business Organisations”, the official unit of EUSDR’s Priority Area 8 (strengthening competitiveness of enterprises).

Link to DCCA

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