A short way to BMW

It became public now: BMW plans to manufacture up to 150,000 cars per year in Debrecen, Hungary. Our Steinbeis  Transfer Center in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, is located less than 150 km from Debrecen. Not only because of the short distance is Uzhgorod an highly attractive option for suppliers.  Audi, Mercedes, Bosch are just some examples of investors what take a huge number of skilled workers from Hungarian labor market. Debrecen is a less developed region of Hungary – but who did not leave that region yet? And now BMW will recruit the remeining workers. This might turn into a real problem for suppliers who want/must manufacture close to BMW.

It is time to take into account to invest in Uzhgorod. We are in close relationship with the city administration of Uzhgorod and the university. STC Uzhgorod helps on site. And for Austrian or German investors our Centers in Stuttgart region and Vienna are available for discussing next steps.

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